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In the tradition of Saturday morning B movies we present the UK premiere of Sinbad : The Fifth Journey. This movie follows in the tradition of the late Ray Harryhausen in style and effects. Narrated by Yorkshire born Patrick Stewart this movie is one for the adventure fantasy fans!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
27th Jul 2014 17:47
We are extremely pleased to announce that we have secured the rights to screen The Hunger at this years festival! We had a lot of requests for this film from Bramily members so we are happy to deliver!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a6YFwC2zKA
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
24th Jul 2014 10:33Show Comments
Thanks very much Bram team. Always wanted to see this stylish Vampire movie on the big screen, nice one.
Vlad Latimer
Great movie , saw it on the big screen back in '83
Zoltan Usher
Such an iconic vampire film to see at the fest, ideal! Love how you have managed to get such classic vampire films like the other years Coppola Dracula. Awesome! Will get to see Bowie on the big screen!
Neel Heel
+++ Great news ;-) +++
Whitby Dracula Society 1897
Love this film!! Eapecially the "bela lugosi's dead" bauhaus opening sequence
Ian Dodd
We are very happy to announce a second film for this years festival, the award winning Judas Ghost! Check out the trailer here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvK9KByNM9oMore announcements will be made later this week including world and UK premiere news!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
21st Jul 2014 13:56Show Comments
Looks like another great addition to the festival :)
Richard Robinson
That looks awesome!!!!!
Emma Wales
Looking forward to watching this!
Louise Jones
Just a reminder of some of the bands playing at this years festival! More film announcements coming very soon!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
06th Jul 2014 19:15Show Comments
I cant decide whether you're a film festival or a gothic rock festival, lol!
Karl Cleveley
Neel Heel
Hi Karl, that`s why the BSIFF is such a unique event. They have over 40 films screening from morning to the early hours. The fest caters for everyone as we see it. Give it a try if you have never been. There are lots of other things to do and see such as the Dark Art exhibition, lectures and a great place to meet new friends. We have been to the last four festivals and it gets better year on year. I have no other association other than being a fan of the festival.
Vlad Latimer
Wait till we've announced our screenings of 40+ films and then decide!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
what can be better combination than movies and concerts???
Anja Šimunić
So gutted I'm not in Whitby until the 29th :(
Lydia Berry
We are very pleased to announce the first World Premiere of this years festival, Insectula! Check out the trailer and website below!http://www.insectula.com
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
30th Jun 2014 16:52Show Comments
Got to watch this!
Louise Jones
Congratulations to our good friend Mike Flanagan on his latest movie OCULUS. You may remember we screened Mikes movie ABSENTIA as a UK Premiere in 2011.We watched OCULUS a few months ago and it is one of the best horror movies we have seen for some time. Look out for a terrific performance by KAREN GILLAN /Amy Pond in Dr Who. OCULUS is in cinemas now, catch it if you can. We will try and get Mike over to Whitby in the near future!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
14th Jun 2014 11:47Show Comments
Eeeeep the trailers for this look amazing! X
Antonia Jones
I bought absentia after seeing it as bsff. I think it rates as one if the most chilling (and heartbreaking) films you've shown. Can't wait to see oculus!
Natalie Kingston
Cannot wait for it come out, really looking forward to seeing it. X
Sandra Prince