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2016 October dates are: 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th / Halloween weekend !!!




Hobgoblin 125
Yelloway Hamond

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From Midnight this Friday (21st Oct). You will not be able to buy tickets from our web site. This is to avoid tickets not arriving in time for the start of the festival. This also applies to International ticket sales. All remaining tickets will be on sale at our reception desk at the Spa Pavilion.
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
19th Oct 2016 12:27
FB Image 2Only 10 days left!!http://www.bramstokerfilmfestival.com/friday
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
18th Oct 2016 11:39Show Comments
Can`t wait!
Ekaterina Videva
is 8pm the stage time?
Lee Milner
FB Image 3This years Vampires Ball is once again sponsored by W. Hamond, the original Whitby jet shop, and they will be giving away an amazing piece of jewellery as a prize for the best dressed man and woman. There isn't much planning time left so we hope you are prepared!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
17th Oct 2016 21:11
FB Image 4Dark Arts Exhibition for Bram Stoker International Film Festival 27th - 30th October. Private view for the intriguing art exhibition curated by Decadent Drawing for Bram Stoker International Film Festival.Decadent Drawing will be exhibiting the works of artists from a variety of backgrounds, creating in different genres, all deriving their inspiration from the dark side of human experience and imagination. The show will be held at The Bram Stoker International Film Festival at Whitby Pavilion in a grandly faded Victorian space, perfect for a show with a fin de siecle, Symbolist and decidedly decadent atmosphere.This year's Dark Arts theme is 'The Dark Dreaming Salon' which will be open for the delectation of visitors throughout the festival. A grand preview party is to be held in the evening of Thursday 27th October as part of the opening.Opening timesThursday 27th October 6.00pmFriday 28th October 10.00am - 6.00pmSaturday 29th October 10.00am - 9.00pmSunday 30th October 10.00am - 4.00pmhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1796235723989212/?ti=icl
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
09th Oct 2016 19:16
To anyone considering trading at the festival we only have 3 spaces left, if you are interested please contact info@bramstokerfilmfestival.com. When they're gone, they're gone!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
06th Oct 2016 14:51Show Comments
best be quick or be dead.
Stephen Farr
What sort of things is it on the stalls this year?
Jo Beavers
FB Image 6The complete film schedule is now online!http://www.bramstokerfilmfestival.com/film-schedule?day=thursday
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
03rd Oct 2016 13:30Show Comments
Scott Chambers
its the most wonderful time of the year...
Stephen Farr
When is Dark Lies Behind The Dunes being shown? I can't see it on the schedule.
Dave Holbourne