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This years festival dates are: 22nd - 25th October 2015

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FB Image 1We are very proud to have Dr. Koudounaris’ at the festival in a very rare trip to England!Dr. Paul Koudounaris is an internationally renowned author and photographer from Los Angeles. Holding a PHD in Art History he has become a well known figure due to his macabre books on ossuaries and religious art. After contributing to several magazines such as the Fortean Times he published his research under the title The Empire of Death, the book received rave reviews due to its unusual yet deeply fascinating subject matter and was named book of the year by the London Evening Standard and awarded Coup de Coeur by the Association of Paris Librarians.Dr. Koudounaris’ second book, Heavenly Bodies, was released in 2013, again garnering media attention and awards with the UK press dubbing him ‘Indiana Bones’. The book was named by Dazed and Confused as one of the best books of the year. Memento Mori, released in 2015 has proven even more popular due to the increased fame of the author and being granted honours by American Photo magazines top ten new photography books.Pauls work is now known worldwide and has been covered by the BBC, the Guardian, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, Rue Morgue, We Love This Book, Metro, LA Times, New York Times, The Telegraph, Publishers Weekly and countless more!http://empiredelamort.com
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
24th Jul 2015 17:36
FB Image 2We are very pleased to announce that Method Cell will be supporting VNV Nation at the festival!Thursday 22nd October 2015
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
15th Jul 2015 16:12Show Comments
Holy shit, Fields of the Nephlim, VNV and Method Cell totaly makes up for the cock up that was Altfest last year.. Thank you so much !
Jason Smith
let's hope so.
Louise Broadbent
FB Image 3If you're heading to Hammersmith look out for this!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
14th Jul 2015 12:21Show Comments
My god I saw this travelling round London at the weekend!! I was so shocked!
Dee Teethmeat
... And life is worth living again! ;)
Ilona Lightpainted Doll
Memory feeds imagination.
Millionaire's Top Secret
Fantastic skills: who ever put that digital image in this video really knew what they were doing. That's a bit beyond Photoshop. *doffs cap*
Bob Bruce
FB Image 4In exactly 4 months Fields Of The Nephilim will be performing at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival! Be part of that experience! https://www.facebook.com/events/611504218987149/
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
23rd Jun 2015 09:52Show Comments
Woo hoo! We'll be there :-D
Teresa M. Ford
Ste Farr
Me too
Christopher Cook
Whitby Dracula Society 1897
It's going to be a historic night out with the Vlad's!.
Transylvanian Society of Dracula - UK Chapter
Serban Adry
Hello - is anyone there? ha
Lorraine Ward
FB Image 5Dark Arts announcement !
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
15th Jun 2015 18:46Show Comments
exciting news!, as a previous exhibitor will there be a digital arts section this year (poetryscapes and music)?
Chris Ankin
+++ Great to see the inclusion of a Sir Christopher Lee tribute section +++
Whitby Dracula Society 1897
We are very saddened to hear of the death of Sir Christopher Lee, a true icon of horror and a great loss to the world of film.
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
11th Jun 2015 21:06Show Comments
RIP 💘 😢
Cristina Benítez
Humble man, fine actor. So many memorable roles. RIP Christoper Lee
Paul Ward
We are stripped bare by the curse of plenty.
Millionaire's Top Secret