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FB Image 1An update! Our proposal has been reported by national press and BBC. Our suggestion is clearly gathering momentum!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
17th May 2016 10:43Show Comments
I think it's a fantastic idea, you could even personalise gravestones for people to have their pics taken with, raise some money for a local charity at the same time :)
Raven Spenser
Well, considering a number of people have read 'Dracula' and look for 'Dracula's grave' (or at least used to, I don't know if it's still a thing), it would be nice to see a really ornate Dracula stone, mausoleum or tomb. The other reason I like this is that municipal stones are heavily regulated and are quite uniform and often unvaried but this could have all kinds of statuary and weirdness inspired by famous scenes in films :)
Marie 'Queenie' McGowan Irving
Would be great, what's the Dracula Experience museum like now? Haven't been for years, wasn't impressed really. Shame they couldn't expand that. I do makeup Fx and custom teeth fx. Would look great to have gary Oldman s Dracula with his lantern giving guided tours!
Darren Grassby
Great idea keeps everyone happy and if it raises some money for charity as well whats not to like. Kids and Adults can enjoy it and leave the church and graveyard in peace. Those like myself who go to Whitby at other times of the year can still appreciate the church yard but in a more respectful manner like I would treat any gravesite where loved ones are buried.
Katherine Louise Hazelton
Iv always said they should have a mock graveyard, but they should have at the goth weekend too as I think thats were most of the problem is.
David Elliott
How about a mock whitby so they can all bugger off there and we can get back to enjoying our weekend!
Hannah Wyld
To everyone wondering how the search for films is going, this is the total submission list so far on filmfreeway! Truly an international festival and still with 3 months until entries close!Last 7 Days 38Total This Season 502Submissions by LocationUnited States 129United Kingdom 71Spain 30France 26Canada 23India 22Germany 18Iran, Islamic Republic of 17Not Specified 16Brazil 16Italy 14Australia 12Mexico 11Russian Federation 8Portugal 7China 5Ireland 5Serbia 5Korea, Republic of 4Argentina 3Austria 3Iceland 3Poland 3Turkey 3United Arab Emirates 2Bangladesh 2Belgium 2Colombia 2Denmark 2Egypt 2Greece 2Hong Kong 2Croatia 2Israel 2Japan 2Pakistan 2Albania 1Armenia 1Switzerland 1Chile 1Dominican Republic 1Hungary 1Indonesia 1Luxembourg 1Morocco 1Myanmar 1Netherlands 1Nepal 1Puerto Rico 1Romania 1Saudi Arabia 1Sweden 1Slovakia 1Syrian Arab Republic 1Thailand 1Taiwan 1Uganda 1Mayotte 1Entries by Categoryhorror / sci fi / fantasy 502
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
15th May 2016 16:50Show Comments
Truly international ;-)
Ste Farr
Wow! That's great. I just submitted a feature 💥💣💘
Heidi Moore
FB Image 3PROP GRAVEYARD WHITBY- PROPOSAL24th April 2016- open letterWe as a festival like to keep our own council with regards the politics and the “he said she said” arguments which tend to prevail during and after a certain twice yearly festival in Whitby.The biggest areas of concern seem to be centred on the photographers and their “models” posing in the St Marys church graveyard and the lack of respect bestowed on the souls buried there.Whilst this scenario will prevail year on year until a more official line of policing can be adopted we as a film and Production Company would like to propose the following to the Scarborough Borough Council, Whitby Town council and Diocese of York.The green belt of land at the top of the 199 steps could be utilised in a similar vein to that of a movie set. Why not build a mock graveyard, similar to the ones created specifically for movies to be used and managed for the photographers? This small movie set could be positioned to take in either the Abbey or St Mary’s church as a back drop for photographs. This movie set could be managed by a local company or maybe a volunteer team, with donations from the photographers to a local charity or for the upkeep of the props. I feel sure many of the local businesses may even sponsor the possible purchase of these props.We as a festival would be happy to help in any way we can if this idea is embraced by the Town and community collectively.As is the norm in these scenarios the question of planning will have to be considered. We would be happy to speak to the SBC planning department with this proposal if need be. I have spoken to the Chairman of the Whitby Dracula society and they are willing to help drive this proposal forward or will help if a committee is formed.The legend of Dracula, Bram Stoker and the Gothic influences of Whitby both in films and literature should be embraced, it is not going to go away, and nor should it. We should seize the opportunity and turn the negative comments and arguments surrounding the graveyard and St Marys church to our advantage. Let`s bring a bit of Hollywood into Whitby`s backyard and managed correctly with professional props it could be a winning solution to a long drawn out problem.Surely if we can hang painted second hand bicycles from trees and hedgerows all over the region, we can do this!The picture below is similar to a movie set we worked on a few years ago. Obviously it need not be on this scale, but with artistic imagination it offers an indication of what can be achieved. It may even become a tourist attraction in its own right!If there are any individuals, groups or businesses who would like to discuss this proposal further, please express your interests to Mike McCarthy. Festival Director. Bram Stoker International Film Festival.info@bramstokerfilmfestival.comTel 01947 899041
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
28th Apr 2016 11:13Show Comments
This is something to be considered carefully ...Whitby is a tourist destination and there's the appeal of Bram Stoker and Dracula. ...Now part of the story refers very directly to Lucy in the churchyard ...Theres obviously a big appeal that needs to be balanced with historical / cultural / sacred aspects of the site without Whitby being turned into a theme park ... Other places have got the balance into proportion ...historic Prague for example, Venice and Kraków
Elaine Edmunds
FB Image 4For the very best entertainment this Halloween, look no further! Main headline act and films to be announced soon! For more info, please visit the website.www.bramstokerfilmfestival.com
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
15th Apr 2016 18:32Show Comments
Come on......
Simon Moorhouse
The headliner must be really special if we have to wait until May 31st. Suspense 😵
Paul Ward
Sisters please 😊
Ste Lewis
FB Image 5Christian Death have announced their performance at the BSIFF!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
22nd Mar 2016 18:08
FB Image 6To all filmmakers who wish to submit a film to the 2016 festival, we have set up a Freeway account to make the process easier! You can also submit via the website be sending a screener to jameslatimer@bramstokerfilmfestival.com or to the address listed.To support indie and student filmmakers there are absolutely no submission fees!https://filmfreeway.com/festival/BramStokerInternationalFilmFestival
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
14th Mar 2016 11:26Show Comments
Adam Bouabda
Jon Dea
We just submitted! Enjoy our little Christmas themed genre-bender ;)
Brentwood Strangler