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23rd - 27th October 2014

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We regret to inform our fans that the scheduled lecture by Tony Dalton has been cancelled for this year. We had restrictions placed on the festival over and above what was previously agreed. The transportation of the models became an insurance risk according to the foundation. Without the models, which we believed paramount to the success of the lecture led us to this decision. We will of course still be screening Jason and the Argonauts to satisfy Ray Harryhausen fans!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
26th Sep 2014 15:00Show Comments
That's a shame, but very good that you've let us know beforehand. Still going to be great seeing Jason on the big screen. I'd be willing to dress as a skeleton and let Trev bash the crap out of me with a wooden sword, if it would fill the gap .... :-)
Peter Bakewell
Bollocks! I was really looking forward to that :(
Gav Moore
Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't have been the same without them, it still would have been well interesting without them but.. *shrugs* still happy we all nostalgically get to see Jason and the Argonauts :) But yes.. Mr Bakewell I will be on hand to do that, I also do a rather fetching impersonation of Talos :P
Trev Williams
It's sad he's not coming, but on the other hand there is that much to see and do its not all bad :)
Richard Robinson
That's a real shame but there's soooo much to see otherwise that fans are still spoiled for choice. The film list is even better this year. 😄
Rebecca Gothic-Princess
with you Gav Moore gutted !
Christian Ainscough
Ah it's just that I grew up on Jason and the Argonaughts, Clash of the Titans, Sinbad etc so this was a dream come true for me.
Gav Moore
Same here !
Christian Ainscough
Very sad but I would hate for those models to get broken. It would have been a dream come true but hopefully one day Ill get to see them. But for people that are disappointed I recommend Tony Daltons book he wrote with Harryhausen as it has some amazing photos of the models in their modern state. There is so much stuff going on at Bram Fest this year that Im geared up to see!
Neel Heel
FB Image 2And here it is! The full 5 day schedule is now available on the site to download!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
24th Sep 2014 18:02Show Comments
Schedule planning starts now. Thanks.
Louse Mitchell
So many films. I'm going to have the cinema seat version of bed sores!!
Jer Eddy
is the Ray Harryhausen exhibition still taking place?
Chris Campbell
FB Image 3Our app is now available for download (for free!) directly from our website! Be sure to check it out as a preview of the full schedule will be available!http://www.bramstokerfilmfestival.com
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
23rd Sep 2014 12:27
FB Image 4At long last we are very proud to announce the full 2014 film programme! 48 films, 4 world premieres, 21 UK premieres!The schedule will be following very shortly!We want to thank everyone who submitted a film to us, we have tried our best to reply to every single person individually but due to the 100’s of entries we received some may have been missed, we wish you all the best of luck with future projects!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
16th Sep 2014 16:34Show Comments
Exciting stuff! Hopefully we will make it next year!
James Underhill Hart
Ah well,not this time eh
Kev AbandonHope
James Underhill Hart
+++ ;-) +++
Whitby Dracula Society 1897
Awesome line up guys.Tips hat and smiles to the Bram team. A great selection, something for everyone. :) 48 films outstanding !!!!!
Vlad Latimer
Looking fab! Such an amazing choice of films.
Rebecca Gothic-Princess
Well if first we don't succeed! - but great line up anyway guys!
Chris Ankin
So glad we are going it looks fantastic!
Julie Robinson
Neel Heel
Get ready UK... the circus is coming! Four clowns, a Doll-Boy with a hammer, a chainsaw juggler and a broken man named Donald on a night time adventure in Texas! Get your popcorn ready! Circus of the Dead
Billy Pon
Exciting stuff, I look forward to seeing the schedule so we can start working out which films we will be seeing and how hard the decisions will be to watch the bands etc ;-) By the way, just checking...do you know which films are playing on Thursday night (as it is the night without any other entertainment that clashes)...is it someone these or is there something else up your sleeve?
Teresa M. Ford