Welcome to The Bram Stoker International Film Festival
23rd - 27th October 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended last years festival!
You demanded five days… and you've got it!

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FB Image 1An absolutely huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended this years festival! Photos and updates (including next years dates!) are coming soon. But in the meantime, please comment and let us know your favourite festival moment!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
29th Oct 2014 11:27Show Comments
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Lovely staff, great films and an awesome setting!
Dan Weatherer
I see you Rob Black ..... ;)
Kate Gates
Fields Of The Nephilim no question. Looking forward to seeing the footage you shot of the crowd. Lovely staff and well organised - especially kind after my tickets accidentally ended up in the bin at home!
Kate Gates
No question, Fields of The Nephilim!
Jennifer Gagen
Highlight was the storming set by Fields Of The Nephilim but I enjoyed all aspects of the festival and look forward to hearing what is lined up for next years.
Zoltan Usher
Vampires Ball, I stayed to he very end. I had my friend from Leeds this year so it was great. I loved watching Worm during the ball. Loved seeing Jason and the Argonauts. Loved all the artwork downstairs. The closing night with Da Octopusss was AMAZING. The volunteers as whole crew made it the best year yet.
Neel Heel
CONGRATULATIONS to all involved on a job very well done! 'twere a right grand time... Looking forward to the next edition!!!
Beyond Violet
Noticed a bit of a sea theme this year, Dagon, Argonauts, Da Octopusss, Dead Sea!
Neel Heel
Loved the 'dead Victorians' at the 1880's night, very clever lyrically and musically talented guys, would like to see more electronic acts (like Method Cell a couple of years ago) but this is only personal taste, slightly less foreign language films (only because I'm blind so subtitles don't work for me! lol), finally availability of good old paper programme guides which we'd happily pay for, the digital display moved too quickly for my partner to read aloud, I did try the app but it wasn't accessible to me, not a criticism as I know I'm a minority.!
Chris Ankin
All I can say is that the Friday night was very special. 13 candles and 2 witches were excellent but Fields of the Nephilim created something REALLY special. It would be amazing if they would do the next one so that people who didn't get the chance to go this time would be able to go. Personally I thought the venue size was perfect , not too big not too small and it felt personal , but maybe that's because I made damp sure I was on the front row
Sue Morgan
*damn* 😮
Sue Morgan
I enjoyed Beyond Violet so much - they were great and absolutely the best!
Tiina Järvinen
Congratulations on an absolutely amazing festival! The best one yet :) can't wait until next year! Thanks for making us feel so welcome
+++ An amazingly diverse multi media event, that each and every year enriches both the cultural life of both the lucky attendees, and the whole town, with the specific feedback from our members this year, is almost one of mind blowing rapture. The awesome production values, including the dressing of the 'haunted gymnasium' ie The Spa Pavilion, have set a new standard for the Gothic and Horror world to enjoy, and long may it continue putting #Dracula #BramStoker and #Whitby on the cultural map +++
Whitby Dracula Society 1897
The Count is most pleased, and commands the 2015 event, to be of the same high calibre.
Count Dracula Fan Club
It was a wonderful event that will live on eternal in my memory forever.
Sarahjane Farr
Fields of the Nephilim. Especially with new fire stuff. Amazing as always.
Jane Hughes
Fang-tastic event :) loved every minute :) xxxxx
Angela Langley
Transylvanian Society of Dracula - UK Chapter
All 4 days were excellent
Archie Campbell
Brilliant time guys! https://www.facebook.com/LancasterStudent
Lancaster Student Life