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FB Image 1Our Decadent Drawing team are incredibly excited and honoured to be able to bring this iconic artist to the Dark Arts Exhibition. A unique creator of fantastical and supernatural images... SIMON MARSDEN Over the last 30 years THE MARSDEN ARCHIVE has become widely recognised as a unique picture library, containing a collection of atmospheric black and white photographs spanning over 40 years.These stunningly beautiful images evoke the stories of the past, found in fascinating buildings and landscapes.Simon Marsden’s extraordinary talent and dedication to his work took him worldwide in his search for historically interesting sites, where his intuitive vision would often see things which others may not. His unique way of developing his images, mostly from infrared film, convey his passion for this art form.Marsden's particular interest was "eerie" motifs like graveyards and old ruins, as well as the legends and tales that are often connected with these places. Marsden’s photographs have become world-famous and are exhibited at a large number of museums. Marsden released various illustrated books, and completed a variety of remittance works. The latter have, amongst other things, been used for the cover of English dark metal band Cradle of Filth's second album Dusk... and Her Embrace and Hecate Enthroned's first three releases.Signed books, calendars and images will be available to purchase. http://www.marsdenarchive.com/
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
26th Aug 2015 14:27Show Comments
Fantastic news. I followed the archive for a while and was gutted to hear he had passed away.
Suzy Blue
FB Image 2Last chance to buy your 4 day pass for Bram Stoker International Film Festival! Hurry up folks!!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
14th Aug 2015 11:13Show Comments
Awesome, brilliant funny post BSIFF team.
Charles Latimer
Eek I can't afford to buy my ticket until I get paid next month!
Sarah Henderpops