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23rd - 27th October 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended last years festival!
You demanded five days… and you've got it!

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FB Image 1With the festival just around the corner we will be posting little tasters over the coming days of the musicians playing at this years festival. Beyond Violet will be performing at the Vampires Ball!Full film schedule will be coming very soon along with other news!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
02nd Sep 2014 12:57Show Comments
Beyond Violet
Looking forward to this big time!!!!
Beyond Violet
Can't wait!
Hexzibah Ripper Jones
Wish I could be there!
Katie Odou
FB Image 2Thanks to Columbia / Tristar we will be screening Jason and the Argonauts (due to popular demand) directly after Tony Daltons (curator of the Ray Harryhausen Foundation) lecture. Thanks for all your messages and requests! We’re looking forward to seeing this classic on the big screen!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
24th Aug 2014 12:09Show Comments
Is this on today?
Karl Cleveley
Neel Heel
I was so close to watching this the other night again, Im definitely going to wait, its going to be amazing seeing this on the big screen. Saw it some years a go at Hyde Park cinema in Leeds, which was fantastic. Not very often you get to see one of your favourite films (of this kind) twice at the cinema in your lifetime.
Neel Heel
Yes My God :)
Ozkan Karatas
Never saw this on the big screen, tremendous film.
Mike T Lyddon
The festival just gets better and better, well done guys
Abbey Sparrow
Cannot wait for 2015 at this rate, lol
Vlad Latimer
FB Image 3We are very excited to announce that this years festival will feature a presentation by the Curator of the Ray Harryhausen collection, Tony Dalton.Tonys lecture will focus on Ray Harryhausens life as well as his ground breaking stop motion animation and features behind the scenes sketches, images and actual models created by Ray. As well as working as a Hollywood film publicist and historian Tony knew Ray Harryhausen for over 40 years. The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation currently holds in excess of 50,000 separate items ranging from original models, moulds, artwork, designs, armatures, tests and negatives.Comment and tell us your favourite Harryhausen scene or creation!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
15th Aug 2014 14:30Show Comments
Good choice for a guest, I wish more film festivals would include behind the scenes people. The Cyclops from Seventh Voyage of Sinbad is probably my favorite, although the skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts are way up there.
Mike T Lyddon
The skeletons were truly groundbreaking!! Amazing for the time it was done. Modern SFX owes a lot to this guy...
Martyn White
Skeletons in Jason and the Argonaughts easily :)
Gav Moore
Love the Talos falling in Jason. Based on the colossus of Rhodes I think? Would love to see this on the big screen at the festival ( please Bram team)
Vlad Latimer
wow,It`s medusa, the gorgon
Kari Sand
The Skeletons, Talos, Cerebus, Medusa, and Bobo!!!
Julie Swinwood
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD This is absolutely utterly amazing, I've always wanted to see some of Harryhausens stuff in my life time and you're bringing it to my home town... This is amazing.
Neel Heel
If I saw one of the skeletons or Talos I would be sick and piss my pants in joy
Neel Heel
Remind me to lay out some towels near Neels seat.
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
Ill bring two buckets, for either end.
Neel Heel
FB Image 4Grimanis TheatreSo you think you know the truth about vampires?There was only ever really, throughout time, one Lord of the Vampires. And only one writer met him. To meet him we must enter the City of Masks...An illustrated talk by Dr David Annwn Jones with supporting actors present this unique and exclusive presentation at this years festival.
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
10th Aug 2014 15:39Show Comments
That's what I love about BSFF there's always something a little different happening and the programme is varied, can't wait for October!
Chris Ankin
Total agreement :}
Vlad Latimer
looking forward to this so much. :0)
Rebecca Gothic-Princess
FB Image 5Another UK premiere! One for fans of slightly more obscure vampires legends!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
05th Aug 2014 11:28
FB Image 6We have been contacted by Victory Television (the company behind Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) asking if any Bramily members would be interested in taking part in their new show, The Fanatic.“The series is a fun new game show which celebrates the most passionate and devoted fans of Britain and gives them a chance to show off what they know! We’re looking for people who are extremely knowledgeable in an certain subject, they don’t necessarily need to work or be an expert in the field, it could just be a hobby or interest that has developed over time. We’re looking for range of subjects.. from Soap Operas to Star Wars, from Manchester United to Model Trains, the list is endless!”Get in touch with them if you fancy your chances, and be sure to comment and let us know what your specialist subject would be!
Bram Stoker International Film Festival
31st Jul 2014 13:30Show Comments
I would be careful, i'm also a historical re-enactor and some of these TV types try to create a sensational and not altogether flattering portrayal of the participants.
Theresa Marshall
Yeh, I could go on to make other contestants look intelligent lmao
Trebor Epip